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Rely on Skilled Fabrication and Welding Services in Romford, Essex

Whether you’re interested in our expert pipework fabrication, or are looking for dependable welding services conducted by qualified professionals, choose Heronsgate Engineering Ltd. Based in Romford, Essex, our reputable company provides a wide array of standards compliant services to a broad range of clients.


At Heronsgate Engineering Ltd, we’re specialists in computer-aided design, manufacturing, and pre-fabrication pipework services. In addition, we provide comprehensive on-site maintenance services for pipework. The services we provided are conducted in accordance with relevant and specific codes. For example, pipework services are rendered according to API 1104, BS 2633:1987, and BS4677:1984. The pipework services we’ve offered for more than 30 years are available throughout the UK, including South East England, London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Cambridgeshire. Our assistance includes the fabrication of stainless steel, carbon steel, and pipework. We also supply supports, brackets, second fix steelwork, and structural steelwork.


Our company is home to a wide range of multi-skilled and coded welders, pipe-fitters, and tradesmen. Working tirelessly, we’re equipped to carry out radiography at our 9500 ft2 premises. All of the welding and testing procedures offered by Heronsgate Engineering Ltd are conducted in accordance with BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004 and A2:2012. Welder approval testing is performed in accordance with BS EN 287-1:2011 and BS EN ISO 9606-1:2013, as well as ASME section IX and ASME Boiler and Pressure Code 2015. The procedures we offer are also carried out according to the specific needs of our clients.

Materials and Products

  • Pipework: ¼” to 72” Nominal Bore
  • 316L – 304L Stainless Steel, Duplex, Aluminium, ½” Copper, Titanium, Carbon Steel
  • Thicknesses from 1mm to 40mm

Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

At Heronsgate Engineering Ltd, we’ve carried out a wide variety of pressure vessel and storage tank projects throughout the years. All pressure vessels are tested in accordance with PD 5500:2012 – categories 1, 2, and 3. Category 1 represents full radiography, while category 2 represents 10% radiography. Our storage tanks are tested in accordance with BS 799: Part 5: 2010, BS EN 14015: 2004, BS 2594, BS EN 12285-2: 2005. Manways are tested in accordance with BS470:1984.

The sort of projects we undertake include:

  • Plant Room Installations
  • Dry Risers
  • Module Pipework
  • Jacketed Pipework
  • Gas, Oil, and Chilled Water Pipework
  • PTFE Pipework
  • Mechanical Pipework
  • Heavy Machine Installations
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Tank Farms
  • Contract Lifting

The sites we accommodate include:

  • Food Factories
  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Environments
  • Chemical Works
  • Process Industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Renewable Energy Industries
  • District Heating
  • Waste Water
  • Power Plants


Heronsgate Engineering Ltd is equipped to provide labour for many kinds of contracts. We accommodate everything from contract management to repairs to existing plants, contract lifting, rigging, heavy machine installations, and general labour services. Set hourly rates are available for these services.

Contact us today, in Romford, Essex, for more information about the services we offer, including pipework fabrication and welding.